Brazilian Cheese Bread

Authentic, wholesome, and simple ingredients.
All four flavors of Brazilian Cheese Bread are crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside, and delightful enjoyed hot. Perfect as a snack, appetizer, or alongside your favorite meal.

Cheddar & Parmesan

Our Cheddar & Parmesan Brazilian Cheese Bread is inspired by the traditional Brazilian snack, pão de queijo, and uses only the finest hand-picked ingredients with absolutely nothing artificial.
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Garlic Asiago

If you're a garlic bread fan, wait till you try our Garlic Asiago Brazilian Cheese Bread. Freshly grated Asiago cheese gives it the perfect rich, nutty flavor.
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3 Cheese Pizza

Everything you love about a slice of fresh pizza is right here - Mozzarella, Cheddar & Parmesan cheese combined with the ideal blend of seasoning.
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Cinnamon Churro

Inspired by the popular pastry, these bites melt in your mouth with delightful cream cheese and a dash of sugar and spice.
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