Getting tired of your go-to summer sippers? You’re in luck! Today we’ve got five refreshing and full of flavor Brazilian drinks that will go along perfectly with pool parties, campouts and play dates with the kids (with some Brazis on the side, of course.)


Lemonade, but with a bit of a twist. This popular Brazilian drink is made from limes, not lemons! ??

By blending quartered limes, rinds and all, with sweetened condensed milk, sugar, and water, the outcome is a juicy, creamy and refreshing drink showcasing all of the flavors featured in this prized citrus. Try out Junea’s recipe here and let us know what you think!


Yes, you’ve used it to prep a fantastic caipirinha. But this distilled spirit made from fermented cane juice is much more versatile than you may have thought.

Almost exclusively used in tropical drinks, cachaça is very similar to rum, except it’s made with fresh sugarcane juice instead of molasses.  You can find it in a variety of flavors such as coconut, banana and honey but there’s no going wrong with original flavor. Try serving it with a few slices of lime like you would with your favorite tequila.


Made from thick stems of peeled sugar cane that have been passed through a pressing machine, this greenish, yellow juice is in demand by just about everyone in Brazil. Kids, grownups…everyone goes crazy for Caldo de Cana.

You’ll find sugar cane juice as an accompaniment to a freshly-fried pastry at the farmer’s market on a Sunday or mixed up in boozy drinks on the beach.

Try a “shot” of lime or pineapple juice with your Caldo de Cana and serve up with your steaming hot basket of Brazi Bites. Easy! ?


The Batida is one of the most popular cocktails in Brazil. You can find it in just about every bar or restaurant by the shore. Maria from Maria-Brazil has several marvelous takes on these, as she calls them, “heavenly mixes of fresh fruit juices and cachaça.”

The most common batidas are made with passion fruit, cashew juice and coconut milk, but that shouldn’t stop you from experimenting to find the combinations that you like the best. ?


Ok, this one may sound as American as it gets, but there’s a secret ingredient that’s super popular in Brazil. Give up? It’s coconut water!

This recipe from Hungry Kids pairs two cups of watermelon with one cup of coconut water (and some citrus and mint) for a cool summer treat. Serve it with some pigs in a blanket and apple pie minis and enjoy the rest of your day surrounded by smiley faces.

With these five drinks, you are ready to enjoy the best of summertime. Put your sunglasses on and let the warm weather do the rest. ??☀️

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