How to Celebrate Dia dos Namorados

Hi there! It’s us again with a delightful bit of trivia to brighten up your Tuesday. June 12 may be just another workday to Americans; but to Brazilians, it’s Dia dos Namorados or “Lovers’ Day.” In celebration of the most love-filled day on the calendar, hopeless romantics across Brazil go all out for that special someone… or choose to celebrate the single life, of course!

Though it shares many similarities with our Valentine’s Day, like chocolates, roses, and fancy dinner reservations, Dia dos Namorados does have some traditions all its own. And, if you’d like to mix things up a bit, here are some fun, delicious, and distinctly Brazilian ways to get your party on.

❤ Breakfast in bed, Brazilian-style

When you think about breakfast in bed on Valentine’s Day, you probably picture sweet, red, and heart-shaped fruit. (No wonder strawberries are practically synonymous with love!) But if you want to celebrate Dia dos Namorados, try tropical fruits like papaya, passion fruit, and mango. Nestled next to a steaming hot basket of Cheddar Parmesan Brazis, we mean… how could you not fall madly in love?

Oh, and don’t forget the coffee! While we’re talking trivia, the Brazilian Portuguese word for breakfast, café da manhã, literally translates to “morning coffee.” So, yeah, that perfect cup of joe matters! ☕

❤ Make your own chocolates

As sweet gestures go, it’s hard to beat a beautiful box of chocolates just begging to be bitten into. But, it’s also super romantic to prepare your beloved a decadent treat of your own. We’ve mentioned brigadeiro before, but this is the absolute perfect occasion to give it a go! Quick, simple and hard to stop popping, these little balls of heaven are just irresistible. ?

❤ Samba your way off into the sunset

Scientists seem pretty sure that couples who share new experiences are happier and way more likely to keep that all-important spark alive.

Sooooo… try working off that brigadeiro with a heart-pumping, hip-swaying samba class. This fun, high-energy dance with Afro-Brazilian roots is perfect if a “ballroom dancing” class sounds like a total snoozefest.

One disclaimer, you’ll need more than one class to before you can do this. ?

❤ Show your fabulous friends some love

Single? Who cares? Dia dos Namorados is for you, too! In Brazil, the night before the holiday, its customary for single women to write the names of their crushes on pieces of paper and put them in a hat.

Legend has it, you’ll marry the person whose name is on paper you choose. Sounds fun, but wouldn’t marrying your friend’s crush might make for a bit of an awkward wedding? Oh well, hopefully, it all works out in the end.

Regardless, it sounds like an excellent opportunity to get the gals (or guys) together, play some games, drink some wine and eat cheese bread! Lots and lots of it. ?

So and get your Dia dos Nomorados on, people! And stay tuned for a fun quiz we have planned for you. Here’s a hint: study up on your Brazilian culture. ?

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