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Brazi Bites Prep Ideas for Every Age ???‍?

If there’s one thing we know…it’s that kids LOVE Brazi Bites!

Fresh out of the oven, by themselves or as part of a main course, our delicious little balls of cheese bread just seem to make kids smile. Which makes us feel great!

Though we love rave reviews from adults everywhere, we get extra warm and fuzzy when hear how Brazis can help gluten-free kids enjoy a snack that’s usually off-limits.  After all, childhood just isn’t complete without cheese bread!

We thought that today, we’d share some inspiration on preparing Brazi Bites for kids of all ages. Let’s start with the little ones.


Once your pediatrician gives you the a-ok for your baby to try bread, Brazis are a great choice. They’re small enough not to overwhelm little hands (though if we’re talking about babies under one, you should break up a bite into pieces anyway) and contain simple, natural ingredients perfect for tiny tummies.

Since these cuties aren’t really known for their sophisticated palates, meals should be pretty uncomplicated to put together. As our mildest flavor, a couple of Cheddar & Parmesan bites paired with steamed carrots, scrambled eggs, applesauce or marinara dip would make a great “starter” meal for your babe.


Ok, now it’s time to start having some fun! For this group, there’s no need to limit Brazi Bites to an afterschool snack (although they are GREAT for that). Our bites are so versatile there are a million things you can do. Like…

Delicious brazi bites pigs in a blanket.

Expanding your kids’ food universe by pairing a “comfortable” food like cheese bread with new flavors and textures will help them get more adventurous with what they are willing to try. There’s a whole world of delicious food out there to eat!


By now, your kids are ready to let their tastebuds loose on dishes they may not have appreciated before. From spanakopita to baked crab dip, there are so many options with just a bit more sophistication that your older kids can enjoy.

gluten free spanikopita bites

Getting older teenagers involved in meal prep can not only take a little pressure off busy parents, but it also prepares them to think carefully about food choices as they head off to college and the “real word”.

If your kids haven’t shown a ton of interest in learning the basics, teaching them a thing or two doesn’t have to be a drag. In fact, arming them with the skills to make just a few easy entrees can make a world of difference.

So there you have it, Brazis can be a big hit at any age! There are just so many ways to enjoy them. Keep tagging us with your favorite prep ideas at #BraziBites on Facebook and Instagram!

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