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4 Quick Activities to Do With Your Kids While Your Brazi Bites Bake

We get it. Dinnertime isn’t always the most relaxing time. Whether your kids are just learning to crawl or sending off college applications, there always seems to be a whirlwind of activity to contend with while you’re trying to get dinner on the table.

But on the rare night that you’ve peeled, chopped and mixed your way ahead of the madness, here are a few productive ways to spend 20 minutes with your kids before it’s time to eat.

1. Get Ready, Get Set, Clean! ?

Ok, you probably won’t get a reorganized closet or a freshly shampooed carpet out of this deal, but a picked up playroom is nothing to sneeze at! We know just how well a “go clean your room” will go over, (spoiler alert: like a lead balloon) but anything can be fun if you make it into a game!

Alex at Momstastic has some great ideas for you to check out. Give speed cleaning with your kids a try and get one more thing crossed off your list before the kids are in bed and you can treat yourself to Netflix and glass of wine.

2. Conquer Your Family Calendar ?

Eliminate those triple-booked Tuesday afternoons forever with a quick activity download. Double-check pick ups, drop offs, practices and performances with the kids and get them recorded!

Some parents prefer to do this with a good old-fashioned wall calendar, but if your family is on the tech savvy side, try Cozi. It’s a calendar app that’s specifically designed for families. Are you ready for this? You can even color code different calendars by family member!

By the time that timer goes off, you’ll have your week organized and your mind clear to dive into dinner as a fam.

3. Whip Up an After-Dinner Treat Together ?

We love Pinterest everyday, but it’s especially helpful when you want to find something specific, like “easy desserts in 20 minutes or less”.

Whether you’ve picked out a recipe beforehand or want to make something on the fly, your options are pretty much endless. Cinnamon apple rings, churro sticks, even no bake, gluten free desserts! As you can imagine, a no bake dessert is especially great for little kids.

It’s up to you whether you want to involve your brood in the dessert creation (or just the eating) but it’s time made even sweeter having fun in the kitchen together.

4. Enjoy Some Silly Time ?

We might get extra credit for this one, because each of these activities only takes 5 minutes! Abigail from Real Time Parenting created this totally charming list of games to play with your kids.

There are a few games on the list specifically for younger ones, (unless you want to try to hoist your 14 year old over your head) but kids of any age can enjoy an old school sock fight! Just make sure to keep an ear out for the timer as you may all find yourself having too much fun to hear it!

Have a blast with these ideas and tag #brazibites on Instagram if you come up with a few of your own! We love seeing pictures of your families enjoying time together.

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