3 Gluten-Free Snacking Problems & What You Can Do About Them!

Whether you’ve recently transitioned or have been living the lifestyle for a while, cutting out gluten in a great big world of wheat isn’t always easy. While your friends or coworkers can grab a cereal bar and dash out the door, you gluten-free guys and gals have to put a little more forethought and planning into what you eat.

But that’s OK! Because we’re here to help you navigate some of the most common complaints we’ve heard about gluten-free snacking. And a little advice on how to handle them. ???

1. “Sometimes eating gluten-free just feels so inconvenient!”

Sure, sometimes it feels that way when you have five minutes to grab a snack between meetings and your only option is a vending machine down the hall. But, this is where the age old advice of planning your meals and snacks out comes in super-duper handy!

A quick Pinterest search can inspire you with almost endless ideas on grab and go gluten-free food. We love this list of 100 Gluten free snack ideas with options like edamame, pineapple slices or tomato, cheese and a gherkin on a toothpick. Cute!

2. “My kids eat gluten-free and they feel left out at parties.”

This is a tough one. Pizza, cake and just about every other “party food” tends to be loaded with gluten. Bringing your own fruit and veggie tray to a birthday party isn’t much fun and it may even embarrass your child.

On the other hand, if you let your kiddo indulge, you know you’ll be dealing with the fall out later on. And you can’t bend the rules for every birthday party.

So what can you do? Get creative! Just because you may be a gluten-free family doesn’t mean you can’t indulge once in a while. Here are a few ideas:

  • Whip up a pop up pizza that even wheat-eating kids will wolf down ?
  • Pick up some gluten-free treats at the grocery store on the way to the party ?
  • Bake a gluten-free birthday cake the night before with your kids ?

3. “I feel like I eat the same thing over and over again…”

The dreaded rut. You don’t have to be gluten-free to fall into this trap!

But if you’re struggling to break out of preparing  the same handful of recipes every week, treat yourself to a brand new cookbook. Here’s a great compilation by the folks at urban tastebud. Sure you could scope the internet for recipes, but there’s something so satisfying about cooking from a book of tried and true favorites.

Also, if you’re a busy professional or parent (or both!) who could use some help with meal prep, consider a meal delivery service like Sunbasket or  Terra’s Kitchen. These two companies offer fresh, delicious gluten-free meals that could help you avoid dinner time stress.

Three problems. Three solutions. And we hope at least one lightbulb moment on how you can mix up your gluten-free routine!

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