Are You Crazy for Brazi’s Big Four?

If you’re into college basketball, March Madness has been beyond exciting this year! It’s been a great opportunity to get together with friends and eat all sorts of delicious game day snacks.

We’ve got to be honest, all this fast-breaking, upset-making, bracket-busting fun got us thinking…what if we had our own “Brazi Bites Bracket”?

That’s right. One tournament to determine your favorite flavor of 2018. It’s too much fun not to try, so let’s get to our contenders.


What’s better than cheese bread? Double-cheese bread!

As our flagship flavor, these bites have some serious game. Rich, creamy cheddar blended with sharp, nutty parmesan…I mean, come on! These Brazis are a slam dunk every time. Usually into a big bowl of marinara sauce.

Watch out, Final Four weekend, Cheddar & Parmesan are coming for you.

Brazi Bites Cheddar Parmesan Flavor
garlic asiago brazilian cheese bread


Calling all garlic bread fans (are there non-garlic bread fans?), this flavor may be your pick to go all the way. With freshly grated Asiago raining down rich and nutty flavor all over the place, these bites are the real deal.

Looking for the best pocket for your game day pigs-in-a-blanket? It’s an easy layup on your Saturday snack table. You go, Garlic and Asiago.

Zesty Pepper Jack ?

Ok, so kicking isn’t allowed on the court, but in your living room…all bets are off. And if it’s a little kick you’re looking for, Zesty Pepper Jack may just be your ticket to a championship win.

Say you picked some up this weekend to make…oh, we don’t know, maybe some bourbon meatball sliders? Bourbon. Meatball. Sliders.

That combo may be unbeatable. You better bring it, other flavors.

Brazi Bites Zesty Pepper Jack Flavor
Brazi Bites 3 Cheese Pizza Flavor

3 Cheese Pizza ?

We admit, 3 Cheese Pizza may have a leg up out of the gate. We mean, it’s PIZZA in CHEESE BREAD. Has any food ever been more perfectly party ready than that?

However, it’s appropriate in a year that’s seen it’s first 16th seed win ever (we see you, UMBC!), we’re going to see if this favorite has what it takes to rise to the top.

Keep it simple with this savory pull apart bread. Will our three ingredient, 3 Cheese Pizza dish lead to one clear winner? We’ll have to see.

So there are your flavors, folks. Pop over to our Facebook page to vote for your favorite “first rounders” now. And stay tuned all weekend to crown an international champion in our first ever Brazi Bites Bracket! ????❤

Try All 4 Flavors!

brazilian cheese bread flavors

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