6 Essential Tips For A Brazilian-Style Bash During The Olympics

Brazilian native and Brazi Bites founder Junea Rocha shares her favorite recipes for hosting Brazilian-themed parties during the Olympic Summer Games.

Junea Rocha
Brazilian lemonade recipe

1. Make Refreshing Brazilian Lemonade

One of Brazil’s most popular drinks is lemonade — although it’s technically made with limes and not lemons! In Junea’s recipe, available here, lemonade is sweetened with a dash of condensed milk — as it is in most Brazilian homes.

Brazilian Chocolate Truffles aka Brigadeiro

2. Indulge In Chocolate Truffles (Brigadeiro)

A party in Brazil is made a lot more special when these super delicious candies are served. Impress everyone with this  easy-to-make recipe. Think fudge balls-meet-truffles with only four ingredients.

brazilian chicken salad

3. Put A Twist On The Typical Chicken Salad

Chicken salad in Brazil — salpicão — is very popular served chilled on hot Brazilian days. In Brazil, chicken salad has bits and pieces of fruit and vegetables and plenty of fresh lime juice, and so does our recipe.

brazilian picnic

4. Serve Freshly-Baked Cheese Bread

Pão de Queijo is what prompted Junea to start Brazi Bites. When Junea moved to the U.S. from Brazil she was shocked that it wasn’t available. She founded her company to bring Brazilian cheese bread to Americans. Party hosts can buy frozen, all-natural Brazi Bites in thousands of grocery stores around the country or order online.

5. Feature The Brazilian National Cocktail

Cachaça (pronounced Ka-sha-sa) is a spirit distilled from cane sugar and the main ingredient in Brazil’s national cocktail, the Caipirinha. Junea’s recipe for the drink, available with photos on her website, looks especially festive in a glass that’s been dipped in colored sugar.

6. Decorate With Color And Give Out Party Favors

Junea recommends decorating with high energy, colorful decor like paper garlands and paper chains as well as giving out Brazilian wish bracelets. The ribbons are typically tied around the wrist and given three knots. A wish is made for each knot; when the ribbon falls off, the wishes are believed to come true.