Central Market of Belo Horizonte

The Central Market in Belo Horizonte, SE Brazil is considered one of the best markets in the world.

Junea Rocha

Built in 1929

A Bustling & Colorful World

Built in 1929, the market occupies an entire city block in the center of the city. Inside is a bustling and colorful world of stalls selling everything from hot foods and groceries to housewares and even live animals (which has been the subject of heated debate).


Mercado Peppers
Belio Horizonte Market Stall
Queijo de Minas Cheese

Minas Cheese

Belo Horizonte is in the state of Minas Gerais, which is home to Minas cheese, traditionally used to make Brazilian cheese bread. Of course you can find wheels of Minas cheese for sale in the Mercado Central!

Mercado Coffee Grinders

And Coffee

Brazil is also famous for its coffee and which you can try different samples of in the Mercado Central at one of the many food stalls and coffee shops.