Futebol in Brazil

Soccer, or futebol as it’s called in Brazil, is more than a sport, hobby or pastime, it’s a way of life for Brazilians.

Junea Rocha
Brazil Croatia World Cup 2016

Photo courtesy of Agência Brasil

The Favorite Pastime

10,000 Brazilians play Pro

Futebol is the favorite pastime of children, who play in the streets and indoor Futebol de Salão fields. For adults in Brazil it’s not uncommon to miss work to watch a match, and some employers will even set up viewing parties at work!
Brazil boasts many of the greatest futebol players of all time, including Pelé and more than 10,000 Brazilians play professionally all over the world.

Brazil has won the FIFA World Cup a record 5 times and hosted the 2014 World Cup in 12 stadiums across the country.

Brazilian futbol fans

Photo courtesy of Agência Brasil

Brazilian Boys Playing Soccer
Brazilian Girls Playing Soccer