Capoeira, technically a martial art, blends dance and acrobatics, and is commonly referred to as a game.

Junea Rocha

Self Defense

through rhythm and dance

Although its origins are contested, Capoeira has definite roots in West Africa. Developed by African slaves, it may have been a way to hide self-defense training through rhythm and dance. Since then it has grown into a theatrical celebration of Brazilian culture.  Today it is taught and performed all over the world, and defined by UNESCO as “intangible cultural heritage” of Brazil.

Brazilian Capoeira
Brazilian Capoeira Dance

Kicks Spins & Jumps

Capoeira is a highly fluid martial art combining sequences of kicks, spins and jumps. It is often performed or played in a roda or circle made up of a group of Capoeiristas and musicians. The musicians play, and set the rhythm of the game, while two Capoeiristas play in the center.

Brazilian Capoeira Music

The Music is Integral

Music is an integral part of Capoeira. The musical group or bateria is made up of a variety of instruments depending on the style of the roda. The berimbau, a bow style percussion instrument, acts as the leader of the group and sets the pace of music and of the game.