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  • Perfect gameday with Brazi Bites chili cups recipe

    Brazi Bites Chili Cups

    This is the ultimate party platter, perfect for game day.

  • Brazi Bites Halloween recipe

    Brazi Bites Spooky Witch Fingers Halloween Recipe

    These Brazi Bites Spooky Witch β€œFingers” are fun and easy to make so the kids can get can join in the Halloween fun.

  • Brazi Bites with spinach artichoke dip recipe

    Brazi Bites Spinach Artichoke Dip

    Brazi Bites surrounded by a creamy and delicious spinach artichoke dip is exactly what you need while watching your favorite sports team.

  • Brazi Bites salmon cake sliders recipe

    Brazi Bites Salmon Cake Sliders

    These mini salmon cake sliders are moist, delicious and gluten free. We added a crunchy and creamy tartar slaw, then wedged it all between a warm and cheesy Brazi Bite.

  • Guacamole with Brazi Bites chips recipe

    Brazi Bites Chips and Guacamole

    Brazil meets Mexico with this recipe for crispy Brazi Bites chips and guacamole – perfect for game day or paired with a fresh-made margarita

  • Eggs benedict with Brazi Bites recipe

    Brazi Bites Eggs Benedict

    Brazi Bites Eggs Benedict is a fun splurge and preparing it with a Brazilian flair gives this classic breakfast a delicious twist 🍳

  • Delicious cheddar grilled apple brazi bites recipe

    Sharp Cheddar & Grilled Apple Brazi Bites

    Like apple pie with cheddar cheese, this sharp cheddar & grilled apple Brazi Bites snack is great for a crisp fall afternoon πŸπŸ§€

  • Delicious Brazi Bites skillet pizza recipe

    Brazi Bites Skillet Pizza

    This skillet pizza with cheesy dough and a caprese topping is seriously the best πŸ•

  • veggie loaded sloppy joe minis

    Brazi Bites Veggie Loaded Sloppy Joe Minis

    This family friendly recipe for Sloppy Joe Minis is loaded with vegetables and will be an instant favorite! πŸ”

  • Brazi Bites & Soup recipe

    Brazi Bites & Soup

    Brazi Bites & Soup is the perfect meal for a chilly fall evening when you just want to curl up by the fire.